how professionals get rid of squirrels

How professionals get rid of squirrels

Squirrels are rodents that will exploit weak points around the property. Squirrels are active during the early hours of the day and early hours of the evening. They will make these noticeable pitter-patter noises, chewing, and gnawing. Squirrels can chew through most materials on your roof, and they do so often so that they can nest in attics.

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During our inspection, we will closely examine areas where squirrels may have chewed through materials such as siding, shingles, roof plywood, drip edges, and roof vents. If squirrels have gained entry to the attic, they can contaminate the insulation by creating tunnels or compressing it, which reduces its insulating capacity. Furthermore, they may urinate and defecate inside, causing additional issues. It is also important to note that squirrels have been known to chew on electrical wires, which may have serious consequences. on electrical wires.

So how do squirrel removal specialists get to work? Squirrel removal specialists do not just trap or cage a squirrel, but instead, the process is a very meticulous process that involves carefully going through thee property and working at heights to find the entry points.  The squirrel removal process takes place in 3 steps which are as followed:


Inspection is very important and is included In the pricing of the service. Once on-site, the technicians will inspect the entire property from ground level to roof level to look for breaches, entry points, and vulnerabilities around the perimeter of the property. This way the technicians as well as the customers know what kind of work needs to be done to get the animals out.


Following the inspection, we will install the one-way door on the main entry point and seal all the other points to prevent re-entry. The one-way door will allow animals to exit and no re-enter. We use the best animal proofing materials like thick gauge steel flashing and steel meshing to keep the animals out. Squirrels might immediately or might take a few days to exit.

One Way Door Removal

You will know that squirrels are out when noises stop. We like to give the one-way door roughly about a week to be certain all animals are out. Our team will return, remove the door and seal the final entry point. The squirrel removal process is now complete.

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If you have found squirrels on your property or have a suspicion that they might be hiding somewhere inside of your property, call the wildlife specialists from Pest Control Barrie. Call us now!