Squirrel Wars Defending Your Attic Against Invaders

Squirrel Wars – Defending Your Attic Against Invaders

Your home is a safe haven where you can feel at ease. But if strangers, especially squirrels, come into your attic without permission, it can quickly become a fight. You will have to fight a “Squirrel War” against these determined attackers in order to protect your attic and keep your peace of mind.

How to Understand the Squirrel Invasion

Squirrels are clever animals that are known for being able to do tricks and figure out how to solve problems. They’re fun to watch in a park, but if they get into your attic, they can do a lot of damage. The first step in protecting your space is to figure out why they broke in the first place:

  • Nesting: Attics are great places for squirrels to build nests because they are warm and safe. They want a safe place to raise their young, and your loft is perfect.
  • Food Source: Squirrels are scavengers, and your home can give them a steady supply of food, like nuts, veggies, or even old food that people have thrown away.
  • Weather Shelter: When the weather is bad, squirrels may hide in your attic to avoid being too hot or too cold.
  • Points of Entry: Squirrels can get into your attic through cracks in the roof, broken vent covers, and holes in the eaves and soffits. Because they are so quick, they can take advantage of even the smallest flaws.

How to Tell If Squirrels Have Moved In

Before you start the “Squirrel War,” you need to know how to spot a swarm of squirrels. Look for these things:

  • Auditory clues: Squirrels are busy animals that make noise when they move around. For example, they run, scratch, and chatter. If you hear these sounds in your attic, it’s likely squirrels making them.
  • Stains and Droppings: Squirrel droppings are about the size of rice grains. You might be able to find them in the loft. You might also be able to see dark urine marks on the attic floor or the insulation.
  • Damage to Wiring and Structures: Squirrels are known for chewing things. They can hurt the lines, insulation, and building materials in your attic.
  • Entry Points: Look at the outside of your house for possible entry points. There are holes in the roof, broken vent covers, and spaces between the eaves and soffits.
  • Materials for the Nest: Squirrels use leaves, insulation, and other things to make their homes. Find nests hidden in the attic’s cracks and corners.

Being a part of the squirrel war

To keep people from getting into your attic, think about these steps:

  • Professional Help: Call a pest control company that knows how to get rid of squirrels. Professionals know how to get rid of squirrels in your attic and have the right tools and safety measures in place.
  • Check and Protect: Find and seal all possible entry places to stop future infestations. This could mean fixing damage to the roof, getting new vent covers, and closing up gaps in the eaves and soffits.
  • Clean and Fix: Once the squirrels are gone, you need to clean and sanitize your attic to get rid of their droppings and smells. Fix any damage, like wires that have been chewed on or problems with the structure.
  • To keep squirrels out, put up one-way doors or traps, and check the outside of your house often for holes or other weaknesses.
  • Work with pros who know how to get rid of squirrels without hurting them by using humane removal methods.

Fighting the “Squirrel War” to protect your attic is important for keeping your home safe and sound. You can protect your refuge and bring peace and quiet back to your attic by acting quickly, taking preventative steps, and getting professional help.

Squirrel Removal Barrie guarantees complete removal of the squirrels in question and uses safe and humane techniques to rid the property of the squirrels. Our technicians can use a combination of techniques and alternatives when the situation asks for it. We have resolved and excluded countless squirrels throughout the Barrie area and continue to do so with pride.