who do i call to remove a raccoon

Who do I call to remove a raccoon?

That is a question that a lot of people seem to wonder when they hear suspicious noises coming from their garden or from their attic and the answer is quite straightforward. You call raccoon removal specialists or wildlife removal technicians that are equipped with the right tools and the right knowledge to safely and effectively dispel these animals. Raccoon removal can be a very risky process that has risks associated with them.

Raccoons, when they happen to be present in their dwelling, which in most cases is an attic space, are quite defensive of their territory this especially is the case when their raccoon cubs are involved. To make sure a confrontation does not happen like that, wildlife raccoon removal specialists like the one from Wildlife Removal Barrie conduct careful and detailed exterior inspections to determine the location of where they broke in.

Raccoon Behaviour

Raccoons are quite chaotic animals that are considered entertaining for their behaviour and their antics that they seem to pull off every time. They have mastered the art of urban living better than people who have lived in cities their entire live and seem to take advantage of every facet the city seems to offer. Reason for them being so successful in the urban landscape is their ability to manipulate objects in the same way that humans do. They have very dextrous hands and will use it to open doors, pry open containers, and even open trash bins to get access to food.

Raccoon Damage

Raccoons operate in the dark and therefore are nocturnal animals. They will do everything to ensure they are not caught, but this sometimes does not happen and will leave a trail full of clues of their crimes. You can see trampled plans, torn bags, and dirt that is scattered. Raccoons are incredibly destructive and most people have no idea until they are confronted with a raccoon break-in.

Raccoons can also inflict damage on the upper floors. Raccoons more than often will enter the attic at the soffit intersection. This is where the roof and the soffit meet. This will give the raccoons easy access by pushing the soffit in which will lead the raccoon straight to the attic. On the way up, raccoons can considerably damage the roof shingles and will of course damage the soffit which will add up to the repair costs.

Raccoon Removal from Wildlife Removal Barrie

If you are suspicious of raccoons entering your property and need to get rid of them as soon as possible, contact Wildlife Removal Barrie to hire our experienced and qualified professionals that have removed numerous raccoons from countless of properties. Call the customer service representatives from Wildlife Removal Barrie