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Professional Wildlife Removal in Barrie

Wildlife Removal Barrie offers reliable and professional animal control and removal services. Our services are effective and backed by a 6-month warranty. Our team of educated and licensed professional has all the necessary skills and experience to find and remove raccoons, squirrels or skunks from each corner of your house, lawn, yard or crawlspace. Our technicians will seal any entry points that animals use to get in permanently. Get in touch with us and we will help you to book an appointment. At Wildlife Removal Barrie we are dedicated to providing only superb quality and educate our customers on how to protect their property after the animal invasion.

Today many homeowners feel totally helpless when their properties are inhabited by raccoons, squirrels and skunks. These nuisance creatures not just invade your house not just for nesting but also for food, they can contaminate your attic and spread diseases to your pets. If you notice that your attic is invaded by wildlife, it’s ideal to find an expert wildlife removal company as soon as possible. At Wildlife Removal Barrie we do not only assist you to eliminate such pesky critters in a humane way but in addition, we explain how to keep these wild animals away. Call us now 705-243-9215

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Squirrels seek warm places during the winter months, this time they make their way into attics. When they enter an attic they usually cause havoc. They are active throughout the daytime and can chew wires, contaminate the insulation and cause structural damage. Squirrels can quickly make a lot of damage if left alone in the attic even for a short period of time. In addition, they carry some serious diseases that they can spread to you and your family members. Call us immediately if you hear noises in your attic during the daytime.

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Raccoons are usually very active throughout the year, they’re nocturnal animals. They like to nest in warm, dry places like attics and under the deck areas and therefore are known to cause considerable damage to roofs, soffits and attics insulation. Raccoons can very risky wildlife to get about your property. Aside from raccoon attacks, which might leave your furry friend with the probability of contracting the dreaded Rabies virus, these animals are capable of passing several diseases and pathogens to you and your family members through their feces. We recommend contacting us if you need raccoon removal services in Barrie.

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Skunks are usually active throughout summer months. They burrow beneath decks and build nests there. Some of them carry rabbies and can damage your garden not to mention cause a lot of headache for you, your loved ones and your pets. While many people associate skunks only with all the awful odour they’re capable of having to ward off risk, these creatures can also be carriers of many viruses and bacteria. Their burrowing habits also cause difficulties on the house front. Therefore, although skunks might look like timid creatures, keeping them off your assumptions is strongly suggested.

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Pigeons easily adapt to the environment around them. Lots of birds residing in metropolitan areas and it is very common to see pigeons in any big city. Their resourcefulness in creating nests made from items which are altering makes them difficult to remove and bothersome. Birds may appear amazing from afar but if residing in close proximity, they can certainly prove to be quite a hassle. When it’s the filth they produce by their droppings, the sound they create with their fluttering, or even the drains and sewers they overpower together with all the substance they use to construct their nests, birds can really prove a 24/7 difficulty in lots of ways.

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Wildlife Removal Barrie provides animal control and removal solutions to manage urban wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels and skunks. We equipped with all necessary tools to remove and prohibit animals to come back. Having problems with wildlife? Call us now 705-243-9215 and book an inspection.

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