Guarding Your Space Preventing Squirrel Damage in Your Attic

Guarding Your Space – Preventing Squirrel Damage in Your Attic

Your attic is a nice, quiet place to store things and keep warm, but when squirrels come in, it can quickly become a fight. A common problem for homes is squirrels getting into their attics and causing damage to the wiring, insulation, and other parts of the house. You need to take steps to keep squirrels from damaging your attic if you want to keep your home and land safe. Let’s look at some good ways to keep these furry intruders out of your area.

  1. Check and seal all entry points: Squirrels are smart animals that can fit through small gaps. Check the outside of your house often, giving special attention to the roofline, vents, and eaves. These animals can get in through even the smallest crack or gap. Heavy-duty screens, steel mesh, or metal flashing can be used to seal all holes. Pay attention to places where squirrels have been seen chewing or scratching to get in.
  1. Cut back branches that hang over: Skilled climbers and jumps, squirrels often use tree branches that hang over the edge of your roof to get to it. Do not let this happen by cutting back trees that are six feet or less from your house. It will be harder for squirrels to jump from the trees to your roof from this far away.
  1. Put up squirrel guards: People know that squirrels can get into attics by eating their way in. They will sometimes break through wood and other materials to get in. Install squirrel guards made of metal or another material that squirrels can’t chew to protect weak spots. These guards can go over wood soffit, eaves, and other places where squirrels might get in and chew.
  1. Keep trash cans safe: Bugs and squirrels are drawn to the smell of trash. Make sure the lids on your trash cans are tight, and store them in a way that rats can’t get to them. This makes these animals less likely to come near your house looking for food.
  1. Get rid of possible food sources: Squirrels will happily eat from bird feeders, pet food, and garden fruit when they get the chance. Take away any food sources they might find in your yard to keep them away.
  1. Use bug sprays: There are many things that can keep squirrels away from your home. Some of these are sprays, electronics, and natural remedies like rags soaked in ammonia. Even though repellents don’t always work, they can be used as extra protection.
  1. Take care of your attic: Maintaining your attic on a regular basis can help you find possible entry spots or signs of squirrel activity. Check your attic for holes or damage to the insulation and wires. If you see lines that have been chewed on or holes in your insulation, you need to fix these problems right away.
  1. Removal and prevention by a professional: If squirrels have already moved into your attic, you need to get professional help right away. Get in touch with a wildlife removal service that knows how to get rid of squirrels. They will get rid of the squirrels and their nests in your attic in a gentle and safe way.

A professional can also give you advice and suggestions on how to keep squirrels out of your attic in the future. Some of these are adding vent covers, strengthening entry points, and putting on chimney caps.

Don’t forget that prevention is key:

Keeping squirrels out of your attic is important for keeping your home safe and sound, as well as for keeping your living space peaceful and comfortable. By being cautious and doing regular maintenance, you can protect your attic and keep those pesky furry guests away, making sure that your space stays safe and squirrel-free.

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