How to Raccoon and Squirrel Proof Your Roof and Attic

How to Raccoon and Squirrel-Proof Your Roof and Attic

Your house is your safe haven, where you can feel at ease. Being safe can quickly go away, though, when raccoons and mice decide to live on your roof and in your attic. People are aware that these smart animals often get into human homes to find safety, warmth, and a place to raise their young. It is very important to know how to properly raccoon and squirrel-proof your roof and attic so that these unwanted guests don’t move in and cause problems.

  1. Check and seal all entry points: Making sure there are no openings for raccoons and squirrels to use is the first thing that should be done to keep them out. Check the outside of your house often, giving special attention to the roofline, soffits, vents, and eaves. These animals can get in through even the smallest crack or gap. Strong materials, such as steel mesh, metal flashing, or heavy-duty screens, should be used to cover any holes. Make sure that all of the holes in your attic are closed off with covers that will keep squirrels out while still letting air flow.
  1. Cut back branches that hang over: Squirrels and raccoons can climb and jump very high. Most of the time, they get on your roof by using tree branches that hang over as a bridge. Do not let this happen by cutting back trees that are six feet or less from your house. It will be much harder for these animals to jump from the trees to your roof from this far away.
  1. Put up squirrel guards: It is well known that squirrels can chew their way into attics. They can get in by chewing through soft things like wood, soffits, and roofs. Putting up squirrel guards made of metal or other materials that are hard to chew can help protect weak spots. You can put these guards over wood eaves, soffit, and other places where squirrels might get in and chew.
  1. Keep trash cans safe: Animals like raccoons are drawn to the smell of trash. Raccoons can get to your trash cans if they are stored in a way that they can’t be reached. This will make them less likely to come to your place looking for food.
  1. Get rid of possible food sources: Raccoons and squirrels eat whatever they can get their hands on. They’ll gladly eat foods for birds, pets, and plants in the yard. Take away any food sources that might attract them from your yard to keep them away.
  1. Use bug sprays: Raccoons and mice can be kept away with a variety of repellents. Some of these are sprays, electronics, and natural remedies like rags soaked in ammonia. Keep in mind that these repellents may not work for everyone, and you may need to use them more often.
  1. Professional Removal of Wildlife: It’s important to act quickly if you’ve already found signs of raccoons or squirrels in your attic, like strange noises, droppings, or broken insulation. Get in touch with a professional wildlife removal service. These professionals can get rid of the animals in your attic in a safe and gentle way and give you tips on how to keep them from coming back.

Key to Good Maintenance:┬áIt takes a lot of work to keep raccoons and squirrels out of your attic and roof. To keep your home free of unwanted wildlife, it’s important to do regular maintenance, checks, and take other preventative steps. Once you do these things, your roof and attic will be safe from raccoons and squirrels. This will keep your home safe and peaceful.

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