how much it costs to get squirrel removed

How much does it cost to get a squirrel removal?

At Wildlremoval Barrie we charge $CAD 375 + HST for our Squirrel Removal Services. We engage in the humane and safe removal of all the squirrels on the property with a device we use repeatedly called the One-Way Door. What the One-Way Door does is allow the squirrels to exit the property safely without doing any damage or harm to it. Squirrels, while having built a reputation for being wholesome and cute, yet when people come in contact with these squirrels, their perception changes rapidly because of the damage that squirrels often incur when they enter and break in.

Where Squirrels Enter The Property

Squirrels enter the property by breaking the soffit at the intersection where the roof and the soffit meet. Squirrels use brute force to enter the attic space afterwards. Once they have entered the attic space the mayhem stars and they will start to use the attic as their own personal latrine space. Squirrels will break and enter attic spaces multiple times. This especially occurs in the winter months when the temperature starts to drop or when squirrel mothers are pregnant.

How the Professionals from Wildlife Removal Get Rid of Squirrels Safely

We conduct a full exterior inspection of the property where we look for all possible entry points that squirrels use to enter the property. We then present our findings to the property owner. The findings include a detailed list of recommendations for sealing up entry points and photographic evidence for transparency throughout the process.

Common squirrel entry points are structural gaps, holes, crevices, roof vents, drip edges, and wall vents found around the property. Chimneys are a popular nesting area as well for mother squirrels with their babies to keep them cozy. These entry points need to be sealed to prevent thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs. These entry points can easily be exploited by other squirrels and other types of wildlife and rodents as well such as mice and rats.

To start the removal process, our technicians will strategically install a ‘One-Way Door’ based on the findings of the exterior inspection. In most cases, squirrels use one entry-point that they will also use to exit the property in search of food and water. The One-Way Door allows the squirrel to leave but not re-enter causing the squirrel to leave definitively. During the removal process, we never kill or harm the squirrel.  We explicitly emphasize on humane treatment of squirrels.

After installing the One-Way Door on the first visit, we then come for a second visit to remove the One-Way Door. The technician will check if squirrels have left. Technicians will also check for squirrel babies.  The Technician will seal the entry point with galvanized steel mesh. This ensures that the entry point cannot be exploited again by the squirrel.  


All our technicians are licensed professionals and can determine and locate weak spots around the premises by conducting a thorough exterior inspection. We carefully look for entry-points that can be breached by squirrels and present our findings to the property owner.


Once entry points are found, we seal most of the entry points and install a ‘One-Way Door’ on the main entry point. The ingenious device allows squirrels to exit the property but not re-enter. Squirrels will leave the property in a few days after the installment of the door. This guarantees a safe and humane way to eradicate squirrel presence.


After the squirrels leave, our technicians will then seal the entry points with galvanized steel mesh to prevent another invasion from happening. This also ensures that other types of wildlife animals won’t exploit the same entry points. We will also recommend strengthening other areas of the property as well.

Wildlife Removal Barrie

If you have squirrels on your property and need to get rid of them, hire qualified experts. Call the professionals from Wildlife Control Barrie.