how to remove skunks humanely

How to Remove Skunks Humanely

What and why are skunks there?

Skunks are very annoying pests that are notorious for destroying lawns and yards wherever they pass. Skunks are known as omnivores. Skunks will primarily dig out burrows where they can be safe from other predators and the weather. Skunkjs have the habit of digging under the structures that humans have built such as sheds, decks, patios, and more. They do this for the reason that the these structures provide the necessary support for the skunks to stay safe under the most adverse circumstances and transform the simple burrow into a true bunker.

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How do Skunks Look Like

These furry animals belong to the same family as the weasel and they are characterized by a white stripe and all all-black body. They have short snouts and beady eyes, four legs, and a long tail. They also have claws which are great for digging burrows as well. Even though the most common colours are black and white, they can also come in a different array of colours such as cream and even white. These are known as albino skunks and are very rare in nature. It might be of interest to know that skunks are born with stripes on their bodies contrary to what many people believe.

What do Skunks Eat?

Skunks as mentioned in the beginning are known as omnivores. These skunks will therefore eat everything that they can afford to eat and for this reason, will make sure to make use of their intelligence and their claws as well. Skunks are very good diggers and will use this skill to dig up grubs. Grubs are small creatures that live right below the surface. Skunks will see these small insects as a delicacy and will dig small holes to get to them. Apart from these insects, skunks are very notororious for breaking into trash bags and ripping out whatever they can get their paws on. These activities may take place at night since these animals are also known as nocturnal creatures which means that they are often active at night.

How Do you Get rid Of Skunks Humanely?

The best way to get rid of skunks is to hire qualified professionals who have experience getting rid of skunks around the property. Skunks can be very aggressive since they will see your property as part of their territory. The way that skunk control professionals will handle the skunk is with a special device call the One-Way Door (OWD). The OWD will be affixed to an entry point so that the skunk can easily exit the structure. In the case that the skunks dug its way underneath the structure, for instance under a deck, the technicians will dig a 1×1 foot trench, lay in flexible galvanized steel mesh and attach the OWD to the entry point. The way the skunks will not be able to enter the deck again.

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